Technical lighting

Technical lighting is one of the most important strides in architecture. By properly tuning it, you can improve the productivity and efficiency of employees, affect the commercial success of an enterprise, or enhance the security of production and storage facilities.

When choosing technical lighting, our experts are guided by their experience and calculation standards, allowing to avoid additional costs and double work.

In our stores, you will find the widest range of technical luminaires for indoor and outdoor lighting from renowned international manufacturers.

We provide technical lighting for:

  • offices and business centers;
  • trading platforms and shops;
  • bars and restaurants;
  • gyms and fitness clubs;
  • any industrial and commercial facilities.

"When designing technical lighting, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions of the room and the level of illumination, the uniformity of light and the color rendering index as well as energy efficiency and safety".

Technical Specialist at "Spice Home" store
Mārtiņš Garoza

Our experienced specialists will take care of technical lighting and help you avoid mistakes and unnecessary stress.

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